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What is a BDE Course?

Beginner Driver Education (BDE) programs may help you save money on insurance premiums and let you take your G1 exit road test sooner (time waiting can be reduced from 12 months to 8 months).

  • 20 hours digital or in-person classroom instruction

  • 10 hours digital or booklet homelink

  • 10 hours hands-on, in-vehicle training


When you successfully complete a government-approved BDE course:

  • The driving school will certify you online

  • Your student driver record will be updated through the Ministry of Transportation


If you need proof to show that you've completed the course, you can get your driver's license history for a fee from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. For more information about the government-approved Beginner Driver Education programs and schools, please click here.

BDE includes:

Scheduling Your ROADTEST

Once you have completed your BDE Course in it's entirety, 30 hours of online education and 10 hours of in-car training-you will then need to schedule your ROADTEST.


To RENT one of our cars for the day of your ROADTEST

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How To Get Your Driver Education Certificate In Person

Once C&C Driver Training receives all required components upon program completion, we will register your information with the MTO’s website for certification.

Once certification process has been approved by the MTO, students will receive a confirmation letter from C&C Driver Training Administration.


Students requiring proof of completion for insurance purposes, must visit your local SERVICE ONTARIO to obtain your Driver’s License History (DLH). This records the course you have taken. Remember ONLY licensees can apply for it! Ministry fees apply.

 Safety First, Driver Confidence - For Life

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