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Learning Has No Bounds

What We Offer

Here at C&C Driver Training, we strive relentlessly to teach you things beyond regular traffic rules and the basic mechanics of driving. Our professional instructors combine years of industry experience and are committed to helping you become a safe driver for life.


Whether you are a new and aspiring driver looking for formal training to earn your driver’s license or a seasoned professional keen to upgrade your skills, we are here to guide you through every step of the process.


Our all-inclusive courses combine the perfect blend of digital learning and hands-on experience behind the wheel. 

Experience You Can Trust

Our instructors have worked in the industry for over 25 years. They know exactly how to help you become a safe and reliable driver.


We tailor our training programs to cater to the learning requirements of drivers across multiple skill levels, ranging from newcomers to seasoned professionals who need a refresher course.


We know your name. We learn what style of teaching will give you the learning experience you need to help you pass your license.

Our Core Values

We stand firmly on the core values of professionalism and integrity. We are committed to putting safe, responsible, and disciplined drivers on the road.


We like to serve with a personal touch that provides you with a rewarding and fulfilling learning experience.


We offer one-on-one sessions with our instructors as well as free pick-ups from your home, work or school within the Niagara Region, to ensure 100% satisfaction. (restrictions may apply)

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