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MTO Approved Driving School

This is where you will find our MTO Approved BDE Online Driving Course, Private Driving Lessons and Drive Test Car Rentals and an assortment of packages. We provide top notch Driver Education within the entire Niagara Region. 

Rent a reliable vehicle for your road test with C&C Driver Training.


Our road test rental service ensures that you have access to a safe and dependable vehicle on the day of your Road Test.


We pick you up at your home, work or school an hour and a half before your scheduled test. During this time we give you behind-the-wheel practice, preparing you for specific requirements that will be on your test. We then take you to your Assigned Drive Test Centre and wait while you do your Road Test. Upon completion we return you back to your home, work or school.


Book your rental car today prepare to take the stress out of your road test.

Road Test Car Rental

GST/HST Included
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